New West Design

New West Design is a custom furniture studio in Calgary, Alberta. We craft original works in wood with the aim of bringing beauty into your home and comfort into your life.

When crafting a commission piece for a client, their needs, and wishes are worked into the design process. The end result is truly one of a kind piece of furniture. We also make and sell speculative pieces of our own design.


My philosophy is that the demands placed on furniture are many:

It has to serve its purpose well.

  • Chairs should be comfortable over extended periods.
  • Tables should be stable and supportive.
  • Cabinetry should be efficient in its use for what it is designed to store.

It has to last.

  • One of the major reasons people look to studio furniture makers is dissatisfaction with the choices available in retail outlets. Furniture built with solid wood, using traditional joinery methods is more durable. The strength and rigidity is apparent right away.

It has to be attractive.

  • Furniture is in our homes and in our lives every day. As such, it provides us with the opportunity to surround ourselves with things that are beautiful and make us smile.

Furniture should be warm and inviting, it should be built using durable materials and solid joinery, and it should cross from utilitarian over to art.

Matt Smith, Owner of New West Design

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