The grain and figure in wood can be stunning. It is always our goal to showcase the inherent beauty found in wood. The marriage of woods natural grain and figure with design is what brings a beautiful piece of furniture together. One of the many benefits of studio furniture is that it offers many choices in terms of design and materials. Traditional joints and techniques are strong and aesthetically pleasing, by using them you can have pieces which will last for years and years to come.

At its most basic, a dining table is nothing more than a way to get your meal two and a half feet off the ground. However, it is so much more important than that. The dining table is where we gather to share time with our friends and loved ones, it is where we fill our bellies and our hearts; and it is one of many opportunities to satisfy utility while bringing beauty into our homes. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

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Arbutus Burl Coffee Table

Canadian Lazy Suzan

Canoe Bookshelf

Curio Cabinet

Diamond Willow Chair

Dog Bone Coffee Table

Elegant Plant Stand

Fossilized Wood

Front Entry Bench

Liquor Cabinet

Man's Accessory Box

Sculpted Rocker

Tuck Table

Woodland Desk Set


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