Peruvian Door

In 2011 my wife went to Peru to work on a Forestry/Development project. While visiting I had little to do during the day while she was at work, luckily for me one of her co-worker's husbands was a woodworker who was building some entry doors for a fair trade clothing workshop. A week in a Peruvian wood shop turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip for me. Working through the language barrier with hand gestures and pointing at machines and tools was entertaining for both me and Alex. This was the first full size doors I'd ever built and I found it a really satisfying as a project and how the door helped create a new space and a fresh start for the members of the clothing workshop.

H: 80", D: 2", W: 32"
Capirona (similar to Maple, used for the frames)
Cedro (similar to Cherry, used for the panels)


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